I was considered the peacemaker growing up in my family. Not because I was terribly good at creating peace, but because I was so uncomfortable with conflict and suffering. I longed to soothe pain and discord and help everyone feel ok just to be. 

This deep desire for inner and outer peace led me on a long journey of research and discovery---studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in grad school in the early 2000s; practicing as a board-certified reflexologist since 2012; training in several approaches to coaching; and devoting the past eight years to exploring every facet and modality in the burgeoning field of energy psychology.


I have benefited greatly from this path in my personal life---including overcoming clinical depression and releasing the grip of some traumatic events from my teenage years. I have also increased my joy and deepened my sense that life, even with its great challenges, is an invitation to create a beautiful story that blesses all.


Helping others unlock what's beautiful, creative and wise is a great privilege.

​Healing your relationship with sleep is a sacred process that can transform every facet of waking life.

Reflexology with Emily Snider

With a trusted guide, this process can unfold more swiftly, effectively and joyfully than going it alone. 

Hi. I'm Emily Snider and I'm passionate about helping women get the sleep they need to live fulfilling and inspiring lives. 

As someone who has suffered from years of chronic insomnia in the past, I'm intimately familiar with the overwhelm, exhaustion, health impacts and hopelessness that can start to cloud daily life when experiencing a sleep disorder. 

I feel incredibly grateful to have found healing tools, perspectives and practices that, combined, have helped me and my clients become great sleepers. As a result, I feel energized and inspired each day and can't wait to help you feel the same. 


“I highly recommend working with Emily for her wisdom, empathy and skill as a facilitator of healing. Our work together has created profound shifts in my personal and professional life. She understands how releasing limiting unconscious beliefs can help us align with our truest self, beyond doubt, anxiety, and fear. Working with Emily is simply an incredible opportunity and gift along the path." 


—  MaryFatimah Weening, L.Ac.

Ready for support? 

I would love to help you resolve your challenges with sleep so you can feel regularly energized and inspired in life again. Click the button below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery session to see if your desire for change and my expertise are a great fit.    

Beyond us... humanitarian relief. 


As a healing arts practitioner trained in multiple modalities, I have come to rely on PSYCH-K and Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) as two of the most potent tools available today for facilitating deep and lasting change. 


They are both gentle, yet powerful and efficient mind-body processes designed to transform inner limitations and painful perception so that life feels more joyful, easy, purposeful and satisfying. 

By assisting with letting go of the past and installing helpful beliefs and expectations for the future, PSYCH-K and TAT produce a more resourced state in the present from which positive action can be taken to fulfill one's goals and dreams. 

Hour-long sessions are held either by Zoom, Skype or telephone, depending on your preference.


The nature of this work involves shifting your inner landscape of beliefs, thoughts and emotions with the goal of leveraging new feelings, perspectives and intuitive insights into inspired and life-affirming action. Clients report feeling lighter, stronger, more at peace, and excited about the possibilities before them. 



Certified TAT Professional


Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator

National Board Certified Foot Reflexologist, ARCB B01692

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) Practitioner

Yo San University for Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2001-2003

Dartmouth College, Class of 2000