"I can't live without it. It just centers me. I look forward to Mondays, coming to Emily. Makes me feel awake and alert--just wonderful." - Teresa Shapiro

"Been seeing Emily for reflexology monthly for 4 years since a knee replacement. Her work helped speed my recovery and since, continues to restore and support wellness. She has a sense of awareness not often felt by other members in her profession which relaxes tension and repairs soreness bringing a restorative peace to my body and soul.."

- Max Berger

"I have visited Emily several times for reflexology. She is wonderful to talk to and her skill and technique are powerful. I am intrigued at how accurate the feet are at identifying and addressing physical issues. I would highly recommend her to all."

- Deborah Lonsdorf

"Emily works with steady precision to unwind tension and activate the body's innate healing capacity. Her personal energy, her strong hands and her gravity free chair work in harmony to create a sublime reflexology experience for body and mind."       

- Elizabeth Jebef





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